Publications > Year 2019

1. Y. l. Seo, W. J. Choi, Shin-ichi Kimura and Yong Seung Kwon, "Evidence for a preformed Cooper pair model in the pseudogap spectra of a Ca10(Pt4As8)(Fe2As2)5 single crystal with a nodal superconducting gap", Sci. Rep. 9, 3987 (2019) [IF=4.259]


2. G. C. Kim, M. Cheon, Woojae Choi, D. Ahmad, Yong Seung Kwon, Rockkil Ko, and Y. C. Kim, "Superconductivity in Oxychalcogenide LaREO2Bi3Ag0.6Sn0.4S6 (RE = Pr and Nd)", J. Supercond. Nov. Magn. (2019) [IF=1.130]