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▶ High Tc Superconductor (Cuprates, Iron-based) materials

            Pseudo-Gap Properties in HTSC                            

                      PG structures observed in optical conductivity in the range of 50–150 cm−1

                      are uniquely driven by the SC correlation,  and the magnetic correlation

                      coexists in the far separated range of about 700 cm−1

                        (New Journal of physics 14 (2012) 063009)



            Superconducting Fluctuation (Vortex fluctuation)



                                   Temperature dependence of the reversible magnetization,

                                    4πMs(T) in the magnetic field range from 0.25 to 7 T.

                                    Inset : crossing point of magnetic field independence magnetization at T = 20.2 K

                                    [Vortex fluctuation]   (To summint)


        Superconducting Gap Symmetry


                                                  Temperature dependence of the super-fluid density.

                                         The solid line are the best fit for the S=-wave two-gap model

                                                      ( EPL 94, 57008 (2011) )